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4433 grandriver
Detroit Mi
United States

I have been a graffiti writer in Detroit for 30 years and in that time it has led me down many different roads. I create fine art,  wall murals and sculptures. You are welcome to travel with me to see how far the rabbit whole really goes.  

I am FEL 3000 feet welcome to my life :) 

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I started writing graffiti in 1982, It has been a passion of mine for  years , since 2007 i have moved into street art as well . My work has been seen in XXL magazine and also I was featured in a book by Roger Gastmen : called ( the history of American graffiti ) in 2010 and ( From Here To Fame ) by Allen Ket in 2011. off and on I have worked freelance for company's like Ford Field , Chevy, and many others, it has appeared in movies and in video games on Xbox and Play Station. Canvas is something I truly enjoy painting and have done so for 16 years. still well over 30 years I can be found painting on a Detroit city street at a wall near you.

For info on commission work email me at

Detroit Mi


Detroit MI