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4433 grandriver
Detroit Mi
United States

I have been a graffiti writer in Detroit for 30 years and in that time it has led me down many different roads. I create fine art,  wall murals and sculptures. You are welcome to travel with me to see how far the rabbit whole really goes.  

I am FEL 3000 feet welcome to my life :) 


new prints will be here soon!

fel 3000ft

as I said we are just about ready to have our new print of the painting that inspired the Hop Cat mural... THE GEAR HEAD!  we will have two types to chose from one hand embellished and one with out, both will be 11x14 in size and just right to hang anywhere in your home or office. 

the site will have a page set up just for the print and a PayPal button ready to go to make it as easy as we can for you. this is the first addition run of this print and limited to only 50 of each